Monday, November 3, 2008


I often chat to my friend Jeanette about how my "people photos suck" lol!! She gave me some advice that I have been using and I really think it has made a huge difference!! I mentioned I was battling getting my aperture settings right....she told me she always uses 5.6 when shooting people..I have been trying it..starting on 5.6 and adjusting from there...Jen you were right!! I seldom need to change it!

I used to struggle with my DOF too...but nailed it here :)

Another tip I got from Jeanette was to GET CLOSER! I always used to shoot the whole top half or the whole I have learned that zooming in can yield just as great shots!!

I feel great about these shots!!! The are by no means perfect - but I feel a great improvement from when I started this blog!!


Jenty said...

Well done Tanya :)

Fiona's photo a day said...

Nice Tanya
Especially the 1st one, I like it alot! You must start your portfolio now so you can join us at camera club this month :)